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The Vampire Vineyards DELUXE GIFT BOX lets you or your friends and family experience the intricacies of our award winning wines, coffee, tea and gummies. Not only will you receive our three most popular bottles of wine, dressed to impress in velvet and silk capes, but we'll include a full size bag of Vampire coffee, a tin of Vampyre artisan tea, and a bag of our amazing new chocolate covered gummy bears.


Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon with wine cape

Our Cabernet Sauvignon has enticing aromas of blackberry, ripe plum and mocha that lead into flavors of rich black currant and ripe black cherry. The wine finishes with hints of cocoa and oak spice.

Vampire Pinot Noir with wine cape

Our Pinot Noir delights the palate with strawberry jam, pomegranate and black cherry flavors. This graceful wine is supported by hints of spice, smoke and violets on the finish.

Vampire California Merlot with wine cape

WSWA Tasting Panel 5 Star Winner

Our Merlot offers aromas of black cherry and black plum. This well-structured wine has an elegant texture and a long finish in the mouth, as hints of cola and cherry linger on the palate.

Vampire Nocturnal French Roast Coffee 

A small batch artisan roasted coffee made from responsibly sourced single origin beans, hand crafted to create a strong wickedly smooth dark blend with notes of smokey raspberry, dark chocolate, and anise.  It may not stop the sun from rising, but it has been known to wake the undead.


A reddish brew born out of the devilish pairing of an exotic Oolong and sweet Rooibos. Mixed with a wondrous array of berries, currants, and grapes. Fragrant and intoxicating, this fine, exotic tea will entreat you to bare your throat to the daughters of the night! In eco-friendly rice-paper bags or our Special Edition Collector's Gothic Tea Tins. Each Tin comes with 3.5 ounces of our delicious tea.

One 5 oz. bag of Vampire® Gourmet Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

Prepare yourself for the irresistible and unforgettable. Imagine your favorite immortal childhood snack drenched in a layer of amazing Vampire® milk chocolate and packed in a resealable pouch.

Real Swedish gummy bears coated in the finest Vampire® milk chocolate with no artificial colors or flavors. So delicious, one bag is never enough!


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