Thrilled to announce the new release of the 10th Anniversary Edition of my vampire novel "A Walk in the Sun" available worldwide June 15, 2024, on Amazon and all major bookstores. This new edition includes an exclusive excerpt from my upcoming sequel "A Walk in the Sun 2" as Nicholas Justine's immortal journey continues . . . then and now . . .

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Nicholas Justine, a lonely mortal born into wealth yet neglected since his birth, discovers a new world when he is transformed into a naïve young vampire. He desperately tries to deal with his sudden curse while clinging to his hopes of marring his Elena, a beautiful and compassionate mortal. Their love becomes an unbreakable bond as Nicholas struggles to comprehend his newfound powers. Only a force greater than he could threaten his life and the woman he adores. A Walk in the Sun is a passionate tale of love, anguish, guilt and revenge.

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Rainwater Literary Solutions Agency


"A suspenseful, beautifully written, enthralling tale of love, revenge and a walk on the dark side. Lisa Machat has done a superb job of weaving words into an effective story with surprising plot twists. The story opens in mid-1800s England, on a boy whose mother dies in child birth, and as a result is shunned by his wealthy father. He finds love and acceptance, and the nurturing that he needs so badly from his nanny, Charlotte. Through her a sense of justice and a faith in God is deeply engrained in his value system, which will mean the difference between death and immortality for him later. As he comes of age he simultaneously finds the love of his life and the gates of his personal hell are thrown wide open. Lisa Machat creates strong imagery with words and shows that good does triumph over evil, and love, indeed, is the strongest power that endures through the annals of time"

Jessica Majzner


Great book! A stunning new look into the vampire genre from a new author. Her writing is bold and vivid, and the imagery she uses is wonderful. Nicholas's character is well fleshed out, and the romance between him and Elena feels quite authentic. I very much enjoyed this story and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the vampire genre. Plenty of twists to keep you on your toes!

Raya Alonzo


Incredible -- This is a great story with suspense and thrills worthy of being made into a movie. Incredible -- This is a great story with suspense and thrills worthy of being made into a movie. The characters are robust and developed well. I find myself caring about Nicholas Justine and his tortured journey. Lisa Dominique Machat's story telling is so smooth and consistent. This is an easy read and so hard to put down, I found myself wanting to get back to to the book and day dreaming about the story. I highly recommend getting this book you will not regret it.

Beth Van Houten


This captivating vampire mystery proves to be an ensnaring tale.  Rich writing and a captivating plot embody the vampire essence in Lisa Dominique Machat’s engaging and exciting novel, A Walk in the Sun.

Marita Jager


A Walk in the Sun was so romantic and reminded me of the old style Dracula novel, or even The Historian. You really fall in love with the Characters and certainly don't want anything to happen to them. Towards the end of the book, while I was desperate to find out what happens, I found myself reading slower, because I didn't want it to end. Wonderfully written, it captivated me from the very beginning, and as it unfolded it was frightening, magical, and romantic. If you love reading vampire novels, this is a must for your library.

Augustus Stevens



A Walk In The Sun

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Also available in Apple books,  Amazon, and Barnes & Noble ebook stores.

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