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Welcome to the home of Dracula’s Daughter Prosecco. A celebration of life, love, and forever fabulous moments. This beautiful Prosecco rose comes from the heart of Veneto, Italy and is absolutely delicious. I am thrilled to share my love of Prosecco rose through Dracula’s Daughter. As the co-owner of Vampire Wines, I love that wine is an adventure and can transport us to another time and place. Enjoy a taste of Italy with every sip of this bubbly. And remember the ancient Romans drank Prosecco to preserve youth and lengthen life. Based on how long the empire lasted, it may just work. . . Forever sparkle. Salute!

- Lisa Dominique Machat
Founder Dracula’s Daughter Prosecco.

Tasting notes:
Delicate pink in color, soft floral aroma, undertones of ripe strawberries and raspberry notes, This light and crisp bubbly is extremely versatile and pairs well with all your favorite seasonal cuisines, especially seafood, shellfish, light meats and pasta.

Dracula's Daughter
Prosecco Rosé
Sparkling Wine

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About The Wine

Grapes Variety
Glera (90%) and Pinot Noir (10%).

Viticultural details
Traditional training system on typical calcareous soils at 250 meters above sea level. 15/20 year old vines with south-westerly exposure.

Vinification and maturation
White wine method with soft pressing, traditional red wine method, and Charmat fermentation method.

Alcohol: 11 % vol.

Residual Sugar: 12 g/l.
Serve at 6-8°C. (44-48°F.)

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Dracula's Daughter
Prosecco Rosé
Sparkling Wine