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Vampire's Fangria Sangria ready to make a lasting impression while resting peacefully in an exquisite Vampire Coffin Box.

Fangria is all Spanish and all vampire. It is a drink for the children of the night. Vampires, and the people who love them, are always ready to party and when they party they want to drink something strong, red, bold and delicious. Something hearty that gives them the power to rage on through night and day. When vampires party, they party with Fangria.  Fangria is a bold, grown-up sangria that anyone can enjoy. It begins with beautiful blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes, grown in the province of Toledo in Central Spain. Then we add all-natural fruit flavors and some unfermented grape juice to produce the perfect sangria: not too sweet, but more than sweet enough, intriguingly fruity, filling the mouth with the flavor of rich red wine and leaving a full finish. Oh, and it’s 10% alcohol. This is a real drink.


Sabrina Salazar


This wine is the best ever! It quickly became our favorite and now we can't live without it. it's delicious and not too sweet!



This is by far the absolutely BEST Sangria I've every had. It a bold red, not one of those fruity, watered-down, uber-sweet ones. It's delicious. My only regret, I never seem to order enough at a time…

Lisa Guido


This is, by far, the BEST Sangria I've ever had. It's not the fruity-tuity stuff you usually find; but a bold, full-bodied red. I highly recommend buying it by the case, andd drink it cold. (Keep a bottle hidden, for yourself!) I wish I could get it at my local LCB store.

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