You’re Invited! A Halloween Wine Tasting Party

You’re Invited! A Halloween Wine Tasting Party

Halloween is upon us and with it comes a desire to gather with our coven and celebrate the most magical night of the year. While trick-or-treating is divine for our youngest vampires, we know that plenty of adults are seeking stylish and sophisticated ways to enjoy October 31st. If you find yourself looking for adult Halloween party ideas, consider hosting an indulgent wine tasting with our finest bottles and gourmet offerings.
Halloween Wine Vampire Vineyards Wine Tasting
Vampire Vineyards for the ultimate Halloween wine tasting

What You’ll Need

Hosting a wine tasting on Halloween is much easier than it sounds. Prepare for an unforgettable evening with these helpful tips and tricks.

Wineglasses & Corkscrews

Sommeliers know that a well-made wine glass is the first step to an impressive wine-tasting. Once you know how large your gathering will be, make sure your castle is well-stocked with an appropriate amount of elegant wine glasses. If you need Halloween wine glasses to complete your evening of fun, we have a modern Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses. If your wine tasting is more of a gothic romance than a blowout party, sip your selection with our classic Pair of Vampire Wine Glasses. Both of our wine glass options are made to maximize the taste of your favorite varieties of red and white wine. Last but least, you’ll need a good corkscrew to open your selections. We recommend having a few on hand, just to be sure.


Our aromatic wines are a treat every night of year but Halloween always holds a special place in our hearts. When selecting your varietals, it’s important to consider the number of bottles you’ll need and the theme you and your fellow vampires would like to explore.

Interested in keeping a Dracula theme for your Halloween wine party? Serve our Vampire Vineyards Blood Red Pack. This three-bottle pack includes our Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon, Vampire Pinot Noir, and our Vampire Merlot.

You can also delight your fellow creatures of the night with our new Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon bottle with a coffin box and cape. This best-seller also creates a festive atmosphere for your evening with its unique accessories and packaging. This unique and well-designed option is also available for our Vampire Merlot and Vampire Pinot Noir.

If you prefer to explore a variety of wines, you can also add our Dracula Brut Sparkling Rosé and Vampire Chardonnay to your Halloween party shopping list.

When it comes to the number of bottles to buy for your party, you can generally count on five pours per bottle for your tasting. So, keep that in mind when calculating how many bottles to purchase. We always recommend rounding up as a host should be generous and you can keep whatever bottles you don’t use for another evening.


It’s important to offer your guests something they can sink their teeth into between wine flights. We recommend: fresh strawberries, a variety of cheeses, and our Gourmet Milk Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears. These indulgent chocolate-covered treats are a high-end sweet treat for those who enjoy classic Halloween Candy.

Halloween Wine Night with Vampire Vineyards

As you can see, hosting a Halloween wine party is an excellent way to spend the holiday. If you will be attending Halloween festivities at another’s home, be sure to gift the host or hostess with our Caped Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon. After all, a vampire is always polished and polite.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween, we wish you and your loved ones a fang-tastic evening!

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