Make Each Sip Supernatural With a Vampire Wine Glass

Make Each Sip Supernatural With a Vampire Wine Glass

Go beyond the bottle and elevate your wine-drinking experience with a Vampire wine glass. We have a variety of glassware options available to purchase that are expertly designed to enhance the rich aroma and delicious tastes of our award-winning wines. Whether you prefer our white wines or red wines, our Vampire wine glasses are sure to bewitch you with each sip.


Our Stemless Vampire Wine Glass

For those who prefer the ease and simplicity of a wine tumbler, we have our Vampire® Stemless Wine Glass. These unique, modern, and elegantly designed Vampire wine glasses maximize the taste of our Vampire wines. These versatile glasses can also be used for non-alcoholic beverages, making them ideal for any occasion. This Vampire wine glass has ‘Vampire Vineyards’ and our signature logo on the front and our popular tagline, ‘The Taste of Immortality’ printed on the back. Planning on hosting a wild séance? Be sure to buy our Vampire® Stemless Wine Glass Set of 4!


Our Stemmed Vampire Wine Glasses

We vampires always have a soft spot for tradition and that includes our stemmed Vampire® Wine Glass. This elegant and enchanting glass effortlessly keeps our Vampire® Chardonnay and The Count Chardonnay chilled as you sip. Stemmed wine glasses help wine keep its ideal temperature as the heat from your hand touches the stem and not the wine itself. Plan for an evening of seduction and romance with our Vampire® Wine Glass Pair.


Shot Glasses for Creatures of the Night

Prefer to drink something more powerful? Sip from our perfect 1.5-ounce Vampire Vodka Shot Glass. This Vampire shot glass is well-suited for all your favorite spirits and includes our gothic Vampyre Vodka logo printed on the front.


Varietals To Fill Your Vampire Wine Glass

For those looking to round out their Vampire Wine Glass orders, we have plenty of bottles for you to choose from, including our Fangria® Sangria, Vampire® Pinot Noir, Vampire® MerlotVampire® Cabernet Sauvignon, and more. Our Vampire wine glasses are perfect for enjoying our bestselling wines with friends and during festive gatherings. We also carry gourmet milk chocolates, wickedly smooth Vampire Coffee, and Vampyre Tea for our alcohol-sensitive vampires. We look forward to being part of your vampiric rituals, day or night!

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