Cozy up with Vampire Book, A Walk in the Sun

Cozy up with Vampire Book, A Walk in the Sun

It’s officially the darker half of the year and there’s nothing better than spending an evening by the fire, sipping fine wine, and reading a thrilling vampire novel. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and mentally stimulating activity for your November nights, we highly recommend reading Vampire Vineyard’s director, Lisa Dominque Machat’s fangtastic book, A Walk in the Sun: A Vampire Novel with a glass of our most decadent wines.

Vampire Book, A Walk in the Sun by Lisa Dominique Machat
Lisa Dominique Machat's Vampire Book: A Walk in the Sun

A Vampire Book with Fiery Romance!

Get your blood pumping with this fast-paced vampire novel by Lisa Dominque Machat. Available with a variety of Vampire Wines, you can customize your experience for an extravagant evening at home.

A Page-Turning Tale of Love and Revenge

Machat’s novel follows Nicholas Justine, a lonely mortal who becomes cursed with immortality after transforming into a vampire. Set in Europe during the late 1800s, Nicholas clings to the hopes of marrying the mortal Elena, a beautiful and compassionate woman who is also desired by the devilish master of the occult, Count Victor Du Fay. Will love conquer all and vanquish the evil Count or will darkness prevail and destroy the last human connection for the vampiric Nicholas? Full of twists and turns, this elegant emotional journey will entrance you and heat up your chilly nights.

Vampire Book Wines Parings

Set yourself up for an evening of suspense while you sip your favorite varietal with Machat’s novel with a bottle of our Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon, Vampire Merlot, Vampire Pinot Noir, Vampire Chardonnay, or Dracula Brut Rosé.

Show Your Undying Love With These Vampire Book Gift Ideas

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s an excellent time to start looking for unique gifts for your loved ones. Whether they’re a fan of vampire books or sophisticated wine lover, you can show them your devotion with our Vampire Romance Package or our Festive Caped Cabernet Gift Set. Exclusive to, these elegant holiday gift options are a fangtastic way to gift your loved loves in December and beyond!

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