An Indulgent Guide to Thanksgiving Wine

An Indulgent Guide to Thanksgiving Wine

The holidays are fast approaching and for many of us in the United States, it’s already time to start planning our Thanksgiving feast. While this may be considered the biggest food holiday of the year, the wine you select for your feast is equally important as it can elevate your Thanksgiving day meal to a gourmet experience. If you’re looking to impress your holiday guests and compliment your cooking, we have a few suggestions for your Thanksgiving wine selection!

Thanksgiving wine and turkey feast with pinot noir. image  edited from Freepik.
Thanksgiving Wine from Vampire Vineyards

Start Your Celebration With a Little Bubbly

Whether you’re gathering with your favorite vampires, or mortal friends and family, sparkling wine is the ideal way to start your holiday. Our fruit-forward Dracula Brut Sparkling Rosé pairs wonderfully with traditional appetizers like charcuterie or a cheeseboard. Nothing makes your guests feel more welcome than having a glass of bubbly placed in their hand as soon as they walk in the door. If you’re skipping the appetizers this year in favor of dessert, our Dracula Brut Sparkling Rosé also pairs perfectly with a classic cheesecake.

Pinot Noir: The Classic Thanksgiving Wine

Pinot noir is the go-to Thanksgiving wine for most sommeliers and with good reason! The tart, tangy red fruit notes are ideal with most classic fall dishes and traditional cranberry sauce. Our Vampire Pinot Noir makes an ideal Thanksgiving wine as its hints of spice, smoke, and violets enhance the rosemary and sage herbs used to season the turkey.

If you’re skipping the turkey at your holiday gathering in favor of roast beef or rack of lamb, grab a bottle of our Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Noir is ideal for the delicate flavors of turkey while cabernet sauvignon is better suited for rich red meat and lamb.

Always Gift the Host or Hostess

If you’ve been invited to a Thanksgiving meal, be sure to gift the host or hostess of your gathering with a customary bottle of wine. You can even skip the wrapping paper and still impress your recipient when you select our Vampire Pinot Noir with Coffin & Cape. If your Thanksgiving host or hostess abstains from alcohol, you can still indulge them with our gourmet Vampire Coffee offerings. They can choose to enjoy our wickedly smooth coffee roasts the morning after the holiday party or share it with guests during dessert.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, we wish you all a wonderful day of indulgence!

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