A Toast to the Endless Night Vampire Ball

A Toast to the Endless Night Vampire Ball

Nothing gets our blood pumping quite like the Endless Night Vampire Ball. This popular bacchanal has been described as a “Venetian masquerade meets a vampire court, with the energy of a rock concert and the elegance of burlesque cabaret”. These decadent soirees are produced by Father Sebastiaan, a nightlife entrepreneur who held the first Vampyre Ball of New York in 1996. This Halloween weekend, the Endless Night: New Orleans Vampire Ball 2023 will be held at the legendary House of Blues with an incredible lineup of guests and performances. Dare to peek behind the curtain of this glamorous gathering? Let us walk you through what you can expect at this curious celebration.
The Signature Cocktail of The Endless Night Vampire Ball: The Vampire Wines BloodBath Cocktail
Enjoy our Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon in The Vampire Ball Signature Cocktail: The Bloodbath

Decadent Details on The Vampire Ball

Costumes & Couture

Complex, cinematic costumes are the standard for these fabulous fêtes. The theme changes every year and with every location, so, it’s important to make sure you plan ahead for these unforgettable gatherings. While creativity is encouraged, there is a strict dress code for Endless Night Vampire Ball events. As this is a Victorian and vampire-themed event, they do not allow superhero costumes, streetwear, sportswear, and items with logos of any kind. Need more inspiration? Visit the official Endless Night Vampire Ball Pinterest for mesmerizing vampire costume ideas. And of course, don’t forget your fangs for the ball.

A Toast to Immortality

Raise a glass as you celebrate the undead with the signature cocktail of Endless Night, the Bloodbath Cocktail. Created by Alchemistress Ambrosia in 1996 for the Long Black Veil events in New York City, this decadent drink can be made at home with a bottle of our Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon. All you need to make this signature cocktail is three delectable ingredients: cranberry juice, our Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chambord. Add these ingredients in equal parts and serve it shaken and chilled in an elegant wine glass. We suggest serving this Dracula-worthy drink in our beautifully designed Vampire Wine Glass Pair to optimize your tasting experience.

What Happens at the Vampire Ball

This immersive experience is like stepping foot into those luxurious parties depicted in 1994’s Interview with the Vampire. These nighttime extravaganzas feature following drinks, music, dancing, performances, rituals, and fun. The tantalizing performances end with a competitive Best Dressed Contest, where the winner is chosen by the crowd!

Halloween Weekend and Beyond

If you happen to travel to New Orleans for this elegant evening, sink your teeth into a delicious meal with a glass of Vampire Wine at the New Orleans Vampire Café before you party all night. If The Big Easy is a bit too far for your bat wings to fly, you’ll be glad to know that these Endless Night Vampire Balls have taken place all over the world in cities like Paris, Salem, Los Angeles, Tampa, Amsterdam, and more. Just keep an eye on the Endless Night Vampire Ball website to see if there’s a gathering coming to your area in the future.

Prefer to stay in your own castle for the Halloween holiday? You can host your own stylish vampire gathering with a Vampire Vineyards Halloween wine tasting. Whether you’re the life of the party or prefer small candlelit gatherings, we can all agree that the morning after a bloody good evening can be brutal. Thankfully, just a few sips of our wickedly smooth Vampire gourmet coffee will have you feeling immortal in no time.

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